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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 9, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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is really is september. take a look at our map. satellite radar composite showing you that we have clear skies over the area. hardly any clouds to talk about whatsoever. just a few that are drifting off to the north of us, like our camera is drifting off around here in the studio now. but it's going to be a great day. here is a look at current temperatures. 66 this hour at dulles. 66 at baltimore. 69 at washington. officially at national airport. 67 at fredericksberg. and 66 degrees to the north at frederick. so as we move through into today we're going to see the winds pick up. right now they've picked up between 10-15 mile-per-hour winds but we expect to see them gusting as high as 25 miles per hour before the day is said and done. and here is a look at your forecast. sunny skies, windy, much cooler. our high today only 78 degrees.
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yesterday we hit 96 degrees. wow, talk about definitely a big change in the forecast for you. it will get cool tonight, temperatures only into the 50s. so grab a sweater if you are heading out tonight. but other than that, not bad at allm back to you. >> gwen, thank you very much. our top story this morning, new developments in the race for d.c. mayor. >> a new poll shows gray ahead of fenty by 7 points which makes the next few days even more crucial for both candidates. sarah simmons joins us live from the early polling place with more. >> reporter: good morning, allison and tony. like you said, the next days were important. and mayor fenty knows that, as he is behind in the polls, that he is asking for the top man in the country, president barack obama's endorsement. at this point the white house has not said anything. we did hear about it over the
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last couple of days. now the clarus poll shows gray ahead and he is getting a growing lead over the past few weeks. and it shows if there is high turnout among black voters, fenty might lose this race. but one thing is for sure, both candidates are campaigning really hard just a few days out. the latest poll is more good news for vincent gray whose lead has grown in august since the latest poll. it is the third poll in a week to put gray on top. but there is still no clear-cut winner. >> it's clear that our message is getting out across the city. and for those who need to keep working hard. >> reporter: fenty did not make himself available for an interview with you issued a statement saying the only numbers that count are those in the polls at the end of the
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day. we are out on the streets, going door to door. >> i've been reading about the polls but i think things will tighten up at the end. >> reporter: the poll does make clear that a city is divided between the block and white voters. fenty leads gray by white voters by a 68% margin. >> i have to improve in the city since he's been elected. i know his personality is important. and i don't know much about grade. >> reporter: hey leads fenty with 62% of african-american voters and gray thinks he knows why. >> we have to give people the confidence this is a city that cares about getting the training, have a job available to them. >> reporter: still the clarus poll said the election is in
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their hands. >> if there was a candidate for race for mayor that could do that, it would be gray. but fenty hasn't broken the city. the city is thriving. >> reporter: and another poll that cake out yesterday in the city newspaper shows gray with on even larger number. saying that he is ahead with 39% for fenty. yesterday fenty campaign folks said he was unavailable to speak with us, but he did make mention that he is still working very hard over the next several days to try to pull this off and believes that he can. back to you, tony and allison. >> thank you. and now both have picked up
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endorsements. the washington examiner supporting gray. they both joined us to discuss their respective positions. >> we respect some of the accomplishments of mayor fenty, but we have some serious problems of the appearance of corruption. i think the combination of the endorsements will have a real effect. i expect that fenty will still get a majority of the votes in our area and i think will they go down. and it's being decided on style and not substance. i drive from one end of the avenue to the other and i see something being built on every block. i see the city services working well. i see for the first time if a decade that i've lived here that things are working in washington, d.c., despite an economic downturn. >> the washington examiner's support on fenty was also based
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on education form. the current cited gray's plan for pre-k system. and a deadly shooting in prince george's county. the victim was just 15 years old. investigators say justin pinal was shot and killed around 9:00 on tuesday night. the teenager died from his injury yesterday afternoon. anyone with information on the case is asked to call police. we have new information on the driver that plowed into two pedestrians and a restaurant in adams morgan last night. police say the driver is a 23- year-old woman from mitchellville, maryland. and they've charged her with driving while intoxicated. they don't know her name but she is due in court later today. firefighters say she hit two young women walking on florida avenue and then went into the front of the a restaurant near the 18th and u. streets just before 9:00. now to a story only on fox 5. prince george's county
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prosecutors used a federal partnership to put an accused drug dealer behind bars for a long time. jeffrey rios had already served 180 days in jail for shooting a prince george's county police officer when he was arrested for a second time in 2009. he had a gun, crack cocaine and marijuana on him. the case was turned over to atm where a federal answer means a longer stretch behind bars. >> it's to target those individuals who get into the state system, and who, through the state system, receive lesser penalties in regards to some of the crimes they commit. >> a federal judge has sentenced rios to 10 years in prison. there is no parole in the federal system. a virginia man accused of a crash that killed a nun last month is now charged with murder. carlos montano was already charged with driving under the
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influence. now the grand jury has handed up murder charges. he already had two duis and was in the middle of deportation when he hit two nuns. a columbia man is charged with an apartment fire. he stabbed his wife and set her house on fire. their four children were not home when the fire was started. and now she is is in baltimore. police will take him into custody once he is released from the hospital. at least 130 homes have been torched by the massive wildfire in boulder, colorado. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: fire crews are struggling to get control of a massive wire west of boulder, colorado. >> we have to wait until we feel like we have control of it
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and we just don't have control yet and it's based on safety. >> reporter: 50,000 gallons of retardant were put on the flames. >> we have several propane tanks that firefighters need to be cautious of. there are mining claims in that area. narrow steep mountain roads, some of ma may be familiar with, power lines that have come down, rolling debris from the steep hills as well as rattlesnakes and in some areas poison ivey. >> i stood here and watch firefighters save their neighbors home and watched theirs go. and that's -- that's pretty dam hard. >> reporter: evacuees filed in to get information. >> we looked on the list today and it is destroyed. it is gone. >> we hope tonight to find out if it was destroyed or damaged or if it is still standing.
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>> reporter: fire crews are calling this worst than the 2002 heyman fire. that one knocked down 100 now acres. the number of homes destroyed is higher, making this the worst in history. and in detroit high winds fanned flames. the mayor is calling the fires a natural disaster. the flames jumped from house to house sparking 85 fires across the city. eight were caused by downed power lines and two by arson. the mayor is defending the fire department over whether city had enough firefighters. president barack obama talking about fixing the economy in ohio. he told the crowd in cleveland the economy is starting to show signs of improvement and rolled out new taxes for businesses and $50 billion for road, rail
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and airport projects. >> the economy is growing again. the financial markets are stabilized. the private sector has created jobs for the last eight months in a row. [ applause ] >> and there are roughly 3 million americans who are working today because of the economic plan we put into place. >> the president said he is also in favor of extending the bush taxes but not to the rich. he is firm on posing any tax on those making more than $250,000 a year. republicans say now is not the time to increase taxes and pushing for an extension of all of the bush tax cuts. a computer -- a computer giant is apologize. why they are saying sorry to one west virginia town and a computergamer.
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the pressure is coming down and hard on the leader of a small florida church. but despite the threats of deadly consequences, he's still planning to burn copies of the koran on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. >> and amid the growing anger, many are making a plea for peace. gurvir joins us with more. >> reporter: even the president this morning implored the minister to call off the event as the clock ticks toward saturday's promised koran burning bon fire, local religious leaders continue their show of solidarity. >> don't do it. >> reporter: members of the washington area muslim community meeting in silver spring now imploring that florida pastor not to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on saturday
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by burning copies of the koran. >> we believe that the majority of people are against his actions. but we also believe as muslims that when the koran is being attacked in a severe way, where it's supposed to be burped, as muslims we have an obligation to inform the public and defend the koran. >> reporter: one church leader calls his antics misguided. >> the lord commanded us to go and preach the gospel into the world and not to go and burn the scriptures of other denominations. >> reporter: hillary clinton called it outrageous and disgrayful. >> we are hoping that the paster decides not to do this. we're hoping against hope that if he does, it won't be covered. >> reporter: and yet a slew of reporters and news cameras are in gainesville, florida, giving the pastor his platform. >> our burning of the koran is
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to call attention that something is wrong. something is wrong. it is possibly time for us in a new way to actually stand up, confront terrorism. >> reporter: muslim leaders here say the radical element jones rails against is likely to unleash actions against the united states if the holy book is burned. >> they will hire por suicide bombers to come and hurt the united states interest. so it is a very small group, but the perception given outside will be big and it is very, very dangerous. >> reporter: and the state department is ordering u.s. embassies around the world to make sure security is tight. even the vatican has pled, but to no avail. holiday displays will be allowed at the loton -- loudoun
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county courthouse this year. they feared vandals might strike. yesterday board members gave the green light to all displays. >> our courthouse square doubles as our public square for the town. and if there is an error to be made here, i believe that we need to error on the side of inclusion and free speech. >> the board of supervisors have received an application from a atheist to do a display. we have a picture of bob mcdonnell's plan to put state owned liquor businesses in top hands. the governor said by eliminating the state's operation of liquor stores, it will transform half a billion dollars into transportation funding for road projects to ease congestion. and an additional 1,000 liquor lices would be available to
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business owners. the full recorp condition will consider the -- will consider the plan. those from xbox are apologizing to a 26-year-old gamer and a town. josh moore was suspended for violating the online gaming services code of conduct. because he said he was from fort gay in his profile. the company took offense to the name and it turns out the town is real. moore said it took several days to convince them that this is a real town. >> why wouldn't they check it out first? >> because it says gay? >> but they have apologized. and the immigration debate
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across the country. and now what has been done for the headlines this morning. plus holly is out shopping for art in the morning. >> working out does require me to sit down. coming up, we'll tell you how you can take part in a creative happy hour and everything you need to know to come out and in spire your inner artist yourself this weekend. that's all live later. what a need trivia question. here is yours for today. where did the warper brothers jack, harry, sam and albert, get the 99 chairs they used in the first theater they opened in 1903 pennsylvania. did they get them from an undertaker, a school or a courthouse? to take a guess head to our facebook stage. don't go away. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 9:23 now. those trapped miners in chile are starting to show signs of cabin fever. they've been stuck down there now for 35 days. the stress beginning to take a toll. they are no longer celebrating thur survival and became irritable and rebellous when they request for wine and other things were rejected. fidel castro is cite sizing the island's centrally planned economic system. the former president tells an american journalist, the cuban economic model is not working. it's no secret they have troubles. the government controlled 90% of the economy. but the fathers of the revolution are raising eyebrows. a south carolina town shot down a ban requiring renters to
9:25 am
prove their citizenship. council members in somerville, south carolina took a vote. the mayor of the town of 45,000 stepped in and cast the deciding vote. several council members warned it could trigger lawsuits. it could come up again at a later date. hermine continues to cause problems. a look in dallas after the statement storm system spawned storms. and judge jeannine piro joins us live to discuss her show. she'll talk about what we can expect and some news of the day. we love when she's here. you're watching fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back.
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wicked weather hits texas in the form of tornadoes and heavy rain. take a look at the aftermath of the storm. parts of buildings destroyed, bricks an other debris littering the ground. even a truck in the parking lot of one area facility was
9:29 am
toppled over by the severe wind. at least one person was injured. i heard there was even some damage done at love field in dallas. >> i wouldn't be surprised. >> this storm system is still -- people that tend to let their guard down when a tropical storm or a hurricane is no longer a tropical storm or hurricane, but it still can spawn very dangerous weather. >> and it's now producing flooding. and it's heading our way. with all of that wet weather. but let's begin with a look at weather headlines. because we have a different day today than yesterday. when we hit, believe it or not, 96 degrees. it felt like july in september. well today is a reality check because we are back to the schooler -- cooler conditions. and temperatures in the 50s tonight. you might want a jacket or sweater if you are heading out. tropical storm igor forms.
9:30 am
that's a new system. and rain in the forecast as we move through into sunday. so as we start out this morning, it's been a little bit of a chillier start to the day. skies have been clear, however. that's good news. ridge of high pressure in control. a few clouds skirting to the north of us, but other than that, not a whole lot going on. the wet weather is well to the south of us and that is what we're keeping a very close eye on. let's look at temperatures now though. as you can see across the area, we have 69 degrees at national airport. 63 at gaithersburg. and 63 at hagerstown. 71 at culpeper this hour. so we have that ridge of high pressure building in. and as i said to the south, we're going to watch what is going on with that tropical system or what was the tropical system. it's here. a lot of flooding but this is moving right toward us. and it will set us up for sunday and seeing a chance of rain, and maybe even a passing thunderstorm. but we have extreme drought conditions here and we really need to get this rainfall in here. so hopefully we won't have to deal with storms with it but
9:31 am
we'll have to see. but the wet weather will be welcomed. tropical storm igor and here it is. not really doing a whole lot. very disorganized actually. could possibly strengthen by the time we move into friday but right now not really doing much of anything at all. not expecting to be a threat right now at least any way as far as we're concerned. it is, however, a little bit closer to the cape verde islands. so a ridge of high pressure in control. plenty of sunshine as we move to the upper 70s today. it will be an absolutely stellar day. winds picking up so be prepared for that. so for today we're talking sunshine. winds pick up to about 25 mile- per-hour gusts. it's 78 for the daytime high. and here is a look at the five- day forecast. look at the sunshine i'm giving you. i'm so happy i can give you that. especially moving into the weekend. by sunday that's when we'll keep a look at the skies because we could see a thunderstorm. much-needed rainfall in the forecast then but temperatures will stay close to seasonal. so not bad at all. let's check in with allison
9:32 am
now. >> and you'll be happy that you did. a new season of judge jeannine piro premiered this monday on fox 5 and judge joins us to discuss news of the day and what we can expect this season and stuff from last season. i want to talk about these beautiful shoes you have on. >> they're painful. >> welcome back. >> thanks, it's great to be back in d.c. >> and even though you have to wear the robe, your personality comes through, funny at times, serious at times and sometimes i fear for you, because they're going to meet her in the parking lot because she's telling it like it is. >> and when you say that, meet me in the parking lot, i was a prosecutor and judge and d.a. for years and i'm concerned about those people but you obviously don't worry about it. but the truth is when we come into the new season, we have an emmy nomination under our belt, we're dealing with issues that i think are relevant and
9:33 am
pertinent to the viewers and it's serious to those litigants. and i try to approach it with a sense of humor and with my own life experience and this year we have a new bailiff. his name is keith. he's 6'8" and nobody is messing with him. and we have something new called on the docket. people will ask for advice about things like my mortgage is being foreclosed, i am being harassed at work and nice things like we want to get married. there is a couple that said we can't afford a wedding and so i'll do a marriage, they're perfectly legitimate. and we're tearing down the walls. and you'll see them before i come into my courtroom and after i render my verdict, i will give my uncensored opinion about what i just saw. and it's a lot of fun and educational as well. >> and although we might not have the same exact you can get
9:34 am
nuggets about things in your own life. >> first of all, women, when they loan money to a guy, you need to understand you can't buy his love and the reason he's borrowing from you is because a bang won't give him money and let him buy his own motorcycle or whatever it is. and there are life lessons. get a promissory note to loan somebody some money. but its all relevant stuff. cell phone bills. >> that kills me. >> don't put someone else on your plan. >> and i say so i put them on my plan. why? why would you do that? and former district attorney, former judge. but your life must have changed when the show premiered from what it is before. have you found now you can't walk down the street without people asking you questions. >> it is a lot of fun. i have to tell you. i try to use its same rules of evidence, hearsay, unless i really want to hear it.
9:35 am
but at the same time there is an educational component. and i've tried to make sure we follow the law. and the good news is there are no lawyers in the room and we do it with hair and makeup, which is so much better than when i was a county judge. >> and your show truly does stand out. and what do you think is the difference in do you think about that and be conscious of it. >> when telepictures called the president of the company and said we want you to do a court show and i looked at the phone and i said why. she said we just want you to be you. i just go out there and i have a few laughs and i'm also very passionate about some issues -- domestic violence. i started one of the first units in the nation. we've collaborated with the national domestic violence hotline and giving out information and resources
9:36 am
because as you peel back the layers of the onion, you see domestic violence and child abuse in a lease case. so if you dig deep enough you find issues that i care deeply about. so bottom line, i'm just me. >> and let's talk about one of the big issues and it's interesting because you have a preachner florida. and his church is 15 members and he's come out with this burn the koran day and it's gotten worldwide response. what are his legal rights to do this? someone wrote me and said there have been incidents when the bible has been burned so shouldn't he be able to -- what is the legal reason here. >> people have a first amendment right to burn the flag and they can do whatever they want unless they cross the line. but here is the problem. and if this guy burns the caron -- and i don't know why anybody
9:37 am
is focusing on this. let him go. and this is the word of their leader. and this is between americans and other individuals. americans don't get up set. but if you have the islamic fundamentalists, they take it seriously and react with violence. so does he have a right to do it under the law in u.s.? yes. and do they have the right to build it, just like in the area, is it proper? >> and why can't you yell fire in a building? >> because it causes people to injure themselves and get hurt and there is a predictable response. and there are people that say
9:38 am
it will. you remember five years ago when the danish cartoonist and there were people killed in demonstrations. it's a serious issue. but in america we pride more than anything the right of people to say and do what they will. we'll see what happens. i'm not sure we need this guy to burn the koran. we were victims on 9/11 to being extremists. >> judge, thank you so much. thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you. >> you can catch judge jeannine piro's show. we've been running the promos. >> thank you very much? and rumors are swirling that big al is up for trade. but as we're taking about haynesworth again, allen and shanahan are talking about it.
9:39 am
and there is the farmer's almanac. we have the preview for our weather forecast. that's coming up right after the break. e in high definition... ...bam! it was like, "wow!" we had been cable tv subscribers for a brief period of time
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redskins are gearing up for their home opener against the cowboys. boo. >> sunday night. >> but still the talk centers around albert haynesworth. enough already. there are widespread rumors he is on the trading block with the titans. head coachmike shanahan is crystal clear about his status for game one. >> albert will be with our team on sunday. >> mike, you just stated that albert will be with the team on sunday -- >> i just thought i would help you. i know you have a job to do. we'll just leave it at that. >> if somebody called you right now and had something to talk about, you won't listen to that.
9:43 am
>> i guess he didn't hear what i said. i said what? >> you said he would be with the team on sunday. nothing will change that. >> you guys are tough. >> i want to make sure i got it right, mike? >> well you never know. if he wasn't here, i think you could call me a liar, wouldn't you. and you'd have the right to do that. >> well here is some welcome news for fans. mcnabb will start sunday's name against the cowboys. he hasn't played since injuring his ankle in the second preseason game. >> it will be a good game. it is a yearly tradition. the release of the farmer'sal pan acfor next year. well it's out and so what can we expect? more blizzards or rain or a drought? the editor joins us live next to talk more about it. and holly is hoping for good weather. she has a look at an event for art fans. back in a moment.
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it's a book i can't do without. the 2011 farmers almanac hit store shelf this is week with information on everything from recipes to romance to holidays and home remedies and weather forecasts. this morning the editor janice stillman joins us to talk about the book now in the 219th year. that is amazing. i think we said this. -- welcome. aren't you the 13th editor in the history of the book. >> and there have been 44 presidents and only 13 editors of the farmer's almanac. and the first edition came out when george washington was in office. >> you would have to be editing since you were 7. >> a couple of guys got really long tenures in there. >> very good. first question, and people talk about the book, old farmer's almanac. are there any old farmers
9:48 am
involved in the production of the book any more? >> i have to admit. judson hail has been with the almanac for years and he still keeps a few tomato plants in pots. >> very good. let's talk. and there are so many things in the book which is cool. let's talk about last year's book because this winter, the winter that we just had, was amazing for the east coast. how was its accuracy do you feel for the 2010 edition of the book when it came to predicting the weather and the spring and summer. >> well it wasn't very good for the winter because we didn't expect the heavy snow. but then we had a really good may and not so good in summer. but we like to keep our accuracy. and so we have to give a little to get a little. but this summer it was really hot in much of the eastern part of the country and we forecast
9:49 am
cool temperatures. and so does the climate fellas in the organization. so there are so many things in the atmosphere and it is so complex that sometimes it just takes the temperature change in the pacific, a few winds to kick up from the caribbean, the arctic wind to blow in. sometimes even volcanic ash can change what everybody expected. >> as my business, i tell people, we do the best we can to forecast but mother nature will do what she wants to do. and we'll get to the forecast in a moment. let's talk about some of the other stuff in the book. you cover current tastes and trends. what are you looking at for the next year? >> we're seeing more folks build tree houses instead of adding on. >> wait. you are seeing people building -- >> tree houses. >> is this in the book? >> yes. build a tree house all fitted out and ladies are getting mad for plaid.
9:50 am
and cowboy hats wearing boots and then skinny ties and then it's a t-shirt that shows chest hair. and pets are still really popular. we're seeing dna treatment on pets and cloning and that kind of thing becoming popular because everybody -- >> they want to keep their pet forever. let's talk about the forecast. the upcoming season for the mid- atlantic. some people might not be happy to hear the news. >> we're seeing above formal snowfall. that's what we expect. and beginning with the winter, expect snow in january, heavy snow in february and on through march. and if you see any snow in april, remember that snow stays no longer than an [ inaudible ]. if you are thinking of putting in shrubs or even a fence, pile up the snow when
9:51 am
you are thinking of doing the landscaping to get used to the idea of what it would look like. block out the snow. >> even paint it if you. >> i'm way ahead of you tony. >> that's great. so more snow this year. not as much as last year but more snow. >> we couldn't beat last year in, what, 500 yards. >> and there is astrology and all kinds of stuff we don't have time to get to. but it is on the stands now. the 2011 edition. go out and pick one up. >> great to be here. >> allison, back to you. are we ready for that winter? thanks so much. holly has been out reviewing the 18th annual arts on foot event. she joins us from the alternative art space. good morning. >> reporter: i want to review, on monday we talk you about the maryland renaissance festival. on tuesday we talked about
9:52 am
fashion night out in georgetown. yesterday we talked about adams morgan day and today we are talking about arts on foot. and so i don't want anybody to say i can't find anything to do this weekend. there is a lot going on heading into the fall season and you'll probably discover more tan you realize when you come out to the events. and such is the case. and they need alternative art space now. we've come over to see joseph's baby. >> how are you doing? >> we vehicle. >> and tell me about this space. >> it's a little alternative than what is going on on f. street. so we brought in a school contacted for sculpture and art. >> reporter: and so we have our creative artists and then we
9:53 am
have our cre-ate-ive artists. you will see this on the edge? >> this is to create something a little more edgy, or a little more different, something that other people get into. people like different kinds of art and it's important to represent all of that. >> and that's what is gifted in this space. and i understand you're having a happy hour. >> yes. we'll have complimentary wine and relax and get out of the feet for a little bit. >> not so hot today. >> i know. >> but there is free wine in here. >> reporter: do you think the young people enjoy getting to be a part of such an event, because it's such an established art of the event. >> do i think they like being part of it? >> reporter: sure. because what an opportunity. >> it's hard enough to make money doing your art so when you can find ways to get the art out there, that's important
9:54 am
because that's your foundation for your future. >> you have to be seen. >> reporter: thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'm working down to philip. she's also going to be exhibiting stuff here with the pink line project. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell me about the pink line project, we have done a lot of ends and projects in ross base and this is exactly the kind of place that works well for the games that we're bringing in. the artists have repurposed pin ballgames, a pac-man game and made them into art pieces. and so when you leave, after you have played the game, you'll be with an art piece that they have created themself. you don't see them right now because they are delivering them today. >> all the more reason for people to come tonight. >> come tonight and tomorrow night and check it out. >> reporter: and when you look
9:55 am
at the art work and you have some of the pencil drawings, what do you think. >> pencil drawing is interested in graphita art. i like the aesthetic of it. but it's like a d.i.y., it's on the street and it gives people access to the art world in a way that having art in a gallery or museum again and it gives people a way to appreciate contemporary art that is intimidating. i'm considering it as people to have access -- and especially the games. because these are art pieces. but everybody knows how to play the game. >> reporter: think about that. we can all have access to all of the creativity by being a part of arts on foot put on by the washington examiner. they have the four-day event going on and the big festival
9:56 am
is on saturday. and culinary creations, some of the d.c. top chefs are out in the cooking pavilion demonstrating and then some of the top restaurants will have a sam melling -- sampling area. is our website. we have a link to theirs to find out more. back to you, julie mccoy, your social director for the week. >> you are the what to do in d.c. win. >> absolutely. stay with us. we'll be right back after this with the answer to the day's trivia question. we'll be right back. cockledoodledooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
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